Which countries is friendfolder currently available in?

Friendfolder is currently now available worldwide.

What kind of device do I need to use the friendfolder app?

You need an Android smart phone with an NFC chip. NFC stands for near field communication and allows communication between devices over a very small distance typically touching distance. Your smart phone has an NFC chip if you use Android Pay or use a contactless travel system such as Oyster.

If you’re not sure whether your smart phone has NFC check the smart phone’s settings. Unfortunately you will not be able to download the friendfolder app from the play store if your Android smart phone does not have NFC.

How do I start using the app?

You will need to go to


or search for friendfolder in the app store. Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the app you will be at the sign up screen.

Once you are signed up please fill out your profile. This will give you a profile photo (or profile selfie as we like to call it), a bio, phone and email so people can contact you, and then acquaintances and friends to interact with and photos of.

How do I make friends with someone?

To make friends with someone you need to meet them at least twice. The first time you meet and give them a digital high five they become your acquaintance, which is similar to real life.

To be friends you need to meet them again on a different day in the next six months and give them a high five. To remain friends you need to meet them and give them a high five on average once every months, six because we think real friends are those who meet regularly face-to-face.

How do I un friend someone?

If you have a friend you can either

1. Stop meeting in which case eventually they will drop down to being an acquaintance after a maximum of 6 months.

2. Find their profile and at the top right hand corner press the minus button and then click the Yes button to permanently remove them from your network. Please note all past meetups with that person will be permanently deleted.

How do I change my password?

You change your password by tapping the settings button at the top right of the profile screen and then tapping the Change Password link. You then type your new password twice and tap Change.

How do I log out?

You log out by tapping the settings button at the top right of the profile screen and then tapping the Log Out link.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account you tap the settings button at the top right of the profile screen and then tap the Delete Account link at the bottom and then tap okay.

Your account and user data will be completely deleted including photos straightaway. This is permanent and cannot be reversed. We may retain some backups of your data for a short time.

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