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New High Five Experience

I have recently been working on an improvement to the high five which I have recently released on the Play store as an update!

There is now a high five button at the bottom of the screen which starts the high five. Press it and put your Android phone back to back with another to share the app and add an acquaintance or friend.

I am of the opinion that this makes the high five much more fun, engaging and easier. Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments!

I have also added an NFC status button at the top of the screen in the action bar. If you don’t have NFC enabled on your phone (which is needed for the high five) it along with the High five button turns red and opens a dialog requesting NFC.

This makes it easier if you are having trouble to get the high five to work as in the past there was some confusion as to whether NFC was enabled as it along with Android Beam must be enabled on both phones in order for the high five to work.

Check out the new updates by downloading it here.

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Now Upload From The Gallery App

Upload From Gallery App

The app now supports uploading from the gallery app! Just tap the cloud icon under each meetup on your profile and go through the flow. Now if you can’t upload photos from a meetup you can do it later at your convenience. You could also transfer photos from a camera onto the gallery app and then upload them.

If you have the app go to the Play Store and get the update. If you don’t please download it here.

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Meetups Now on Profile


Meetups are now on your profile. Photos taken are displayed under each meetup and now include the other person’s photos also!

Also many bug fixes and improvements.

Download the app now to see these changes.

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Major improvement to NFC usability


Today I have released a major upgrade to the app. Gone is the send/receive/share button. The app now uses the touch to beam interface for sharing the app and the high five. Just put the phones back to back and follow the instructions. Simple!

Please download the app and give it a go 🙂

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Added share app button to make sharing the app easier

Share app with NFC

I have recently changed the main button at the bottom of the app screen and added a share app option. It is now much easier to share the app when you meet someone.

If you meet someone with an Android phone with NFC, make sure the button says “SHARE APP with NFC” and put your phone back to back with the other person’s phone and follow the touch to beam instructions. Their phone will be directed to the friendfolder Play Store listing where they can quickly download the app.

If you have yet to try the app why not click the badge below and give it a go 🙂

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Released the app on the Android Play Store


After five months as a beta I have finally released a production version of the friendfolder app onto the Android Play Store. I wish to express my thanks to all the people who tried the beta version of the app and thanks for the feedback you gave me.

If you have an Android phone with NFC please head over to the Play Store by clicking the badge, download the app and take it for a spin 🙂

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