This is a social network that helps you with your real social network. The one where you go out to meet up with people face-to-face, not the one where you sit at home on your own in front of your screen. This is fundamentally different to every social network out there.

Friendfolder introduces a whole new concept to the way we think of digital friends. With friendfolder your digital friends are your friends in real life because to be friends on friendfolder you have to actually meet up with your friends on a regular basis because this is what real friends actually do.

The whole purpose of friendfolder is to get you to meet up with your friends and acquaintances more often and spend less time on your phone/tablet/laptop.

How does friendfolder know you are meeting up with your friends? It does this with a sort of digital high five. When you meet up you high five your friend’s phone with your phone. The first time you high five you are their acquaintance. To be friends you need to meet up and high five at least once every six months because if you think about it, real friends meet regularly.

If you stop meeting and high fiving a friend you go back to being their acquaintance. To be friends again, just meet up regularly and high five.

So you see to have lots of friends on friendfolder, you actually have to meet your real friends or new acquaintances on a regular basis, and this is the purpose of friendfolder: to get you out of the house and to meet up with people more.

You can download the app now on the Play Store so be sure to use it and get meeting real people face-to-face.

How many real friends can you make? Tell us what you think in the comments and please rate us on the Play Store.

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